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Import Taxes


Please be aware of that your country might charge you import taxes!

Here are some experiences we made in the past:


USA only charges import taxes and duties for orders of which the goods have a value of 800 USD or more.

The charged duties on orders of 800 USD and more are around 4% +  25% = 29% of the price you paid for the products.

If your subtotal before shipping is less than 800 USD, you will not be charged import taxes or duties by our experience. Also by our experience, if a customer ordered goods worth 750 USD in May, and another order for 750 USD in June, that customer was not charged import duties or taxes. 


GERMANY (EU Example)

Germany charges our customers roughly 4% duties and 19% import VAT on the product value + shipping cost. Most companies can get a refund of the 19% VAT. Privat individuals cannot get the 19% VAT refunded.  

Please be careful: The German customs often uses their expected product value and average DHL express fees to calculate the import taxes. However, 2HEX charges around half for products and shipping! Before paying, make sure that your customs office charges taxes based on the product price and shipping price you paid, not on hypothetical higher prices! If the invoice is incorrect, the customs will revise it – this is not uncommon.



You can email us to check your customs import duties and taxes invoice before you pay it. We will help you check if it looks correct! (PS. ChatGPT can do that too and you have the answer at once)

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